Tony Davidson

CG Artist and VR Developer

Company: Innervision Games (Ashland, OR)
Projects: Thunderbird / Ethereon
Role: Founder / Developer
Tools: Unreal 4 (PC) Unity 4 (PC) SteamVR (PC) Playstation 4 DevKit (Sony) Oculus (PC) Maya (PC) & Substance Painter (PC) C++, Javascript
Duration: 2013-2020

Company: Dreamworks Animation (Los Angeles and Redwood City, CA)
Projects: How to Train Your Dragon / Bee Movie / Madagascar 2
Role: Surfacing (Texture/Shading) and 3D Look-development
Tools: Deamwork’s Proprietary Software – Light & Paint (Linux) Renderman (Linux) and Photoshop (PC)
Duration: 2007-2010

  • Served as Surfacing Artist & Look Dev during production of 3 animated features at both LA and Redwood City Studios.
  • Established the look of the first dragon character as well as exterior & interior environments for How to Train your Dragon.
  • Developed the “wax” shader used to create the Bee Movie assets & environments then surfaced many of those key assets.
  • Worked with Production Designer at Redwood City to establish the “Tex Avery” look needed for the creation of Madagascar 2.
  • Worked directly with renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins to establish the look of the key Blacksmith location for HTTYD.

Company: DNA Productions (Tyler, TX)
Project: The Ant Bully (Warner Bros.)
Role: Surfacing (Texture/Shading), Lighting & Compositing Lead
Tools: Houdini (Linux) Slim & Renderman (Linux) Nuke (Linux) Body Paint (PC) and Photoshop (PC)
Duration: 2005-2007

  • Served as Texture/Shading Artist within the Surfacing dept on a variety of assets ranging from characters to vehicles.
  • Also served as Lighter/Compositor within the lighting dept & led a small team of shot lighters during the production.
  • Personally lit & composited (traditional & stereo 3D) over 30 shots for the film including the “million dollar money shot”.

Company: Bardel Entertainment (Vancouver, BC)
Project: Happily N’ever After (Lions Gate Entertainment)
Role: Texture Supervisor
Tools: Maya (PC) Body Paint (PC) and Photoshop (Mac)
Duration: 2003-2005

  • Led a team of 12 Texture Artists on the successful production of 32 complete sets and 35 characters for the film.
  • Worked with Prod Designer Deane Taylor (Art Director on “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) to establish 3D Look of film.
  • Worked closely w/ the Director in Berlin (on-site) during the initial development stage & then supervised production in Canada.

Company: Yantra Digital Arts (Asheville, NC)
Projects: Kiss Trivia Game (Sony), Crystal Key 2 (Dreamcatcher Int), G.I. Joe (Hasbro), Age of Conan MMORPG (Funcom) and others
Role: Freelance/contract CG artist/animator
Tools: Softimage (PC) Maya (PC) Lightwave 3D (PC) Cinema4D, 3DS Max (PC) and Photoshop (PC)
Duration: 2001-2003

  • Established independent studio & contracted work for companies like Intel, Nvidia, Epic Games, Sony, Hasbro, and others.
  • Created complete 3D environments & assets for many games as well as tech demos and an “Icy Hot” tv commercial spot.
  • Contribution on Sony’s Kiss Trivia game and Hasbro’s Howard Mark’s casino both led to product price increases of 150%.
  • Created the CG Art for Intel’s Advanced Light-mapping Technology Demo that was featured at Siggraph (LA) in 2000.

Company: Cinematix Studios (Mesa, AZ)
Project: The Revenant RPG Game
Role: Art Director & CG Artist
Tools: 3DS Max (PC) and Photoshop (Mac)
Duration: 1998-2001

  • Established the look of an RPG-style Diablo “clone” and led a small team of 9 artists through the completion of the project.
  • Performance on the project led to a budget increase of 35% as well a 25% price-point increase by the publisher (Eidos Int.).
  • Hired & mentored a team of nine CG artists and assisted in the creation of more than 3,200 gaming “tiles” for the project.

Company: Cyan, Inc. (Spokane, WA)
Project: Riven: the sequel to Myst
Role: CG Look Development and Lead CG Artist (Modeling/Texturing/Shading/Lighting/ Animation)
Tools: Softimage & Mental Ray (SGI) and Photoshop (Mac)
Duration: 1995-1998

  • Played an instrumental role in the CG Look-development for the #1 selling computer gaming franchise of the 20th century.
  • Established the CG look for many of the key assets of Riven via modeling, texturing, shading, lighting & animation.
  • Created many key environments and recognizable assets which were later featured in the promotion of Riven.
  • Worked closely with both Robyn Miller (creator of Myst) and Richard Vander Wende (Disney’s Alladin, ILM’s Willow, etc…)
  • Co-developed a variety of (Lume) shaders during the production of Riven which were later purchased by Mental Ray.

Additional Mentions:

Gave a 30 minute talk on the topic of Virtual Reality at the Computer History Museum in San Jose hosted by SVVR in 2015 and attended by developers from Apple, Google, and many others.

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